Company Profile

The range of our activities and operations are grouped into two areas run by two brother companies:

The first one, TEKNOKIM was founded in October 1997 by a group of professional chemical engineers in Istanbul, Turkey. Equipped with the essential know-how and significant vast and wide experience, the company operates in various fields of the chemical technology sector. Recent experiences include the construction of paint, alkyde, emulsion ( PVA, acrylates, versatates etc. ) urea formaldehyde, glue and metallic paint boxes factories.
Apart from its local market Turkey, TEKNOKIM has established turn-key plants and units in Algeria, Belgium, Morocco and Tunisia.

On the other hand, the brother trading company TEKKIM is specialized in the alimentation of paint and glue factories from Turkish raw materials such as alkyds, PVA, siccatives, pigments and paint boxes. TEKKIM is selling also a wide range of equipment for both production and filling of paints, glues and paint boxes.

Please contact us for your needs that can be fulfilled by our product range. Not only we will be glad to offer our help and services for providing the listed materials, but we can also set up turn-key plants and units for the production of these materials.

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